Guyanese Dating Culture

Guyanese Dating Culture

Not everyone knows about sheer greatness of Guyanese women but believe me when I say that after dating a Guyanese woman you can`t even bear to look at other nationalities. Guyanese women attract you quickly and you most possibly cannot forget them easily. The first thing that attracts you is her great looks – creamy brown skin, deep hazel eyes, full sensitive lips, and absolutely gorgeous body.

Then you notice the way they move – gracious, light, and incredibly sexy at the same time – and you can`t get your eyes off her. But the best of Guyanese women is invisible and hides in their souls. They are very optimistic which means that can light up your day no matter how bad it was. They will be always there for you, ready to show you how beautiful this world really is and what great things you have ahead of you.

Guyanese women are the best caretakers and make perfect wives. Their abilities to keep your house neat and cozy, to raise children and make time for giving their spouse all the love and support they need are very natural and makes you feel like home all the time.

Now that we made sure that Guyanese women are absolutely worth dating, I guess it is time to reveal some tips on how to get a Guyanese woman and don`t embarrass yourself.

Where to Look for Guyanese Girls

The easiest way to find a Guyanese woman is an online dating site. I mean, cities are very small, most of them are hidden in the woods, and traditional upbringing shows because simply walking up and asking for her number isn`t all that common like in the USA or European countries. However, you can find thousands of hot Guyanese women on the international or Latin online dating sites (there are no specific sites for Guyanese dating because the country is not that big).

The best sites are:

  • LatinFeels
  • LoverWhirl
  • LoveSwans
  • MatchTruly
  • RomanceTale

These sites are considered the best because they provide the best services. The interface is simple and easy to navigate – everything can be understood intuitively and you don`t need to be an expert in IT to figure everything out. The registration process is amazingly easy as well – it is absolutely free, and after you state your name, surname, gender, age, and email (the list may differ from site to site) you are free to use the great search tools and look through profiles.

However, the registration process isn`t all that easy for the ladies – to get verification they need to show their ID (I highly recommend you to message only verified members so that you are 100% sure that you are protected from any scum) and to fill out their profile as attentively as possible. By doing that the co-workers make sure that you know exactly what kind of person is in front of you and you won`t waste your time and money on someone unworthy.

So now the process of dating – the easiest part, huh?

Guyanese Dating Customs

I suggest you read my cultural guide in order to know how to treat your Guyanese woman right and so that you just simply know what to expect. So what is dating a Guyanese woman is like?

They Are Very Open About Their Feelings

No more mixed signals or being passive-aggressive and not stating the reason why. If a Guyanese lady likes you, she will tell about it straight-forwardly. If there is something that she doesn`t like about the relationship or the way you treat her, be ready to hear her out. Don`t mix it up with rudeness or anything, communication is a key in every relationship, and Guyanese women use it a lot.

What to Talk About?

Guyanese are the people who aren`t really into small talk. Of course, before you get to know each other, it is okay to talk about the weather, sports, television, or the latest news. However, this stage doesn`t last so long. She will start to ask you direct questions very soon. I personally consider it great because deep conversations are really the best ones and it helps you to create a strong bond with someone really quickly. By the way, Guyanese have a great sense of humor and they genuinely enjoy being around funny people. So prepare your best jokes, and she is yours forever.

Taboo Topics

Like in any other societies, Guyanese have some topics that are better to leave undiscussed. Otherwise, it may lead to big fights, or a woman will distance herself because she will think that you disrespect her and force yourself into her personal space. One such topic is religion. Religion is considered to be a very private matter, and it is not only inappropriate to discuss it with strangers, but with very good friends or family as well.

Their belief is the matter of one person and God and there is no more space for you. So avoiding topics of religion is one of the main Guyanese dating rules. Just so you know, the country is 57% Christian, 33% Hindu and 9% Muslim. There is also a minority of other religious groups in Guyana. Racial issues are a taboo topic as well.

Unusual Date Ideas Instead of Cinema

Guyanese women are really adventurous and they like different kinds of extreme sports. Take her on wilderness, jungle or river tour and she will love that! However, if you are into something more traditional, you can use next date ideas:

  • Cocktail bar or romantic restaurant (Night Cap, Aagman Indian, Oasis, the Vintage, World of Cocktails & Costello’s are your best options in Georgetown)
  • Take a romantic walk along the seashore
  • Go to the theatre
  • Parks, gardens or zoos as a perfect day activity

What About Public Displays of Affection?

The only thing you have to know about PDA in Guyana – it is not common. Kissing, even if it is an innocent kiss on the cheek is inappropriate between genders. However, it varies from woman to woman. There are ones who can`t shake your hand without feeling sort of shameful, and some are going to passionately dance with you and don`t even bother to consider other people`s looks. If she is okay with it, then why not? Keep in mind that she is open to talking about pretty much everything, and you can simply ask her what she thinks about that.

Indian Women Are an Exception

While European and African part of Guyanese ladies are liberal and are free to choose their partners, Indian women don`t usually get this opportunity. Their parents choose someone of a proper social or economic status, the man that they know very well and know that they will treat their daughter just like it should be. So you should either meet all of these criteria or, and it`s a pity, forget about dating an Indian.

However, things differ dramatically taking into account different regions, religious backgrounds and country of origin and Guyanese culture is not very good researched yet. So just meet a lady, go with the flow, and see where it will take you!


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